About Us

With increasingly stringent requirements for eco-compliance in industry, there is a need for high quality, cost-effective, environmentally safe and smart options to replace petrochemical based lubricants,  chlorinated solvents, and physical reclaiming solutions. Whether its mining, concrete, construction, marine, dredging, shipping, or nearly every other industrial business activity, the regulations are stifling economic growth and success.

Bio-Industrial Solutions, LLC provides a cost efficient, highly effective bridge between eco-compliance and industrial business. We offer a wide variety of Bio-Smart, Eco-Safe alternatives to the traditional, but harmful industrial chemicals needed for industry to function.

Steve Kirwan is a seasoned business pro with over 30 years experience in technical steve-hatsales and operations. His background in IT, web development and marketing, coupled with hands-on operations expertise, led him to the culmination of his career- the startup of Bio-Industrial Solutions.

Besides his love of all things IT, Steve is an avid photographer, musician, and writer. He wants to visit every US National Park “while I can still get around!”