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Government agencies are outlawing TCE’s, VOC’s and oil lubricants. Check out our complete line of eco-compliant bio-cleaners and lubricant products by type…


Bio-Release Cleaning AgentsWith increasing pressure from environmental agencies to reduce or eliminate TCE’s and other high-VOC solvents and cleaners, industry needs effective and cost efficient alternatives. Bio-Industrial Solutions carries a line of high-cutting, environmentally compliant and health-safe alternatives to traditional solvents and industrial cleaners. Not only are they equally effective at cleaning, but they are cost effective, too. FIND OUT MORE


Eco-Compliant BioBlend LubricantsCoastal and marine regulations, transportation laws, and the EPA and CARB have drastically limited the use of fossil-fuel based lubricants, greases, oils and fluids.  We offer eco-smart lubricants and fluids for Marine, Dredging, and most other industries at risk for contaminating waterways or groundwater. Whether you need Hydraulics, Gear Lube, Cutting Oils, Shipping engine oils and luids, and even Food Grade lubricants, our cost-effect products will help you meet your bottom line needs while satisfying eco-compliance requirements. FIND OUT MORE


Water Soluble Bio-Release Cleaning AgentsWhy spend time and money cleaning your equipment, systems, trucks, tools, concrete forms, asphalt forms and more when you can prevent tar, grease and oil buildup altogether? Want to prevent spray paint and graffiti? Bio-Industrial Solutions has highly effective, low cost barrier and release agents that can save you time, effort, and money! FIND OUT MORE


Ready Mix Reclaim SystemsAre you tired of losing $100’s to $1000’s  a week in wasted ready mix materials? When your trucks return, how much extra do they dump into your wash pits- A quarter yard? Half a yard? More?  Our simple, fast, water wise and technologically superior Ready Mix Washout Reclaimers will save you money and can pay for themselves in as little as six months! Whether you run 5 for 50 trucks, we have a Reclaimer to fit your volume and your budget.