BioLube™ CFR

BioLube™ CFR is a readily biodegradable product formulated as a concrete release agent for the concrete construction forming industry for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is designed to produce a void free concrete surface and aid in the release of the form from hardened concrete on a wide range of forming materials without creating a chemical action or causing harm to the concrete.

BioLube™ CFR’s low toxicity formula protects vegetation, wildlife, and the environment and is easy to apply with a brush, spray, or roller. After repeated use, wood forms will become water repellent and last longer. Coverage is approximately 600-1500 square feet per gallon depending on form material.

Specifications, Approvals, Recommendations:
• USDA BioPreferred Program
• Complies with EPA, OSHA, and DOT requirements

Features & Benefits:
• Contains a special additive to extend low temperature working range
• Will not cause problems with secondary coatings, sealants, or caulk
• Produces a void free concrete surface
• May help qualify for LEED credits
• No VOC’s