SynGear™ FG: Synthetic Food Grade Gear Lube

SynGear™ FG: Synthetic Food Grade Gear Lubes are formulated from pure synthetic base oils for outstanding thermal and oxidative stability. They are NSF registered as meeting the guidelines of an H1 product for incidental food contact. SynGear FG gear oils contain extreme pressure, anti-wear, and anticorrosion additives to protect gears, bearings and shafts in a variety of enclosed gear systems. They are suitable for use wherever an extended service or extreme temperature food grade gear lubricant is required. Available in ISO grades 220 and 320.

Specifications, Approvals, Recommendations:

  • NSF H1 Food Grade Lubricant

Applications & Industries:

  • To be used in industrial gear applications primarily in food processing and food packaging plants where extended drain intervals are required or where extreme temperatures are present.
  • SynGear™ FG gear oils are not designed to biodegrade in the environment should a release occur.
  • For applications that require biodegradability due to regulation or a sensitive environment, please use BioGear™ EP or BioGear™ S gear oils.

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