BioFlo™ EO Plus: High-Oleic Elevator Oil

BioFlo™ EO Plus: High-Oleic Elevator Oil is formulated from readily biodegradable, High Oleic base oils coupled with proprietary non-toxic rust and anti-corrosion additives. The special rust & oxidation (R&O) additives and anti-foam agents help provide maximum demulsibility of water and reduce air entrainment to provide higher circulation rates. This high performance formula can reduce operating temperatures, friction and component wear in elevator hydraulic systems. High Oleic base oils enhance thermal and oxidative stability and assures superior service life with minimal viscosity change over a broad range of operating temperatures. ISO Grade 32.

Specifications, Approvals, Recommendations:

  • USDA BioPreferred Program

Features & Benefits:

  • Utilizes High Oleic base oils for superior performance
  • Readily biodegradable
  • High viscosity index / temperature stability
  • Advanced rust and corrosion protection
  • Excellent demulsibility
  • Low air entrainment to increase circulation rates

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