BioLube™ C&C-P: Chain/Cable Lubricant w/Penetrant

BIOLUBE™ C&C-P is a readily biodegradable chain and cable lubricant designed for oven and conveyor chains, wire ropes, and cables. Its excellent lubricity and temperature stability provide smooth mechanical performance and superior anti-wear protection. Available in ISO grades 32 and 46.

Specifications, Approvals, Recommendations:
Classified as Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL’s) as per the EPA’s 2013 U.S. Vessel General Permit (VGP)

Applications & Industries:
Any industry (construction, refuse, mining, dredging, marine, agriculture, oil & gas, food processing, plant operations, etc.) utilizing conveyors, chains, cables, winches, or mobile or stationary equipment, especially systems where a release into the environment is possible or where a leak or spill could reach a waste stream.

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